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Fed up with waiting for the maven release? We’ve found a way to cut the release time by half. Each of our teams at Outbrain is responsible for its own service code in its own repository. However, our teams also share a large Maven-based repository that contains modules (libraries) that get released as Maven artifacts. After a module is released, it can be used by the teams. Thus, the shared repository — in contrast to service code, which is managed within individual team repositories — serves as a centralised place to manage team libraries.

Since our shared repository has hundreds…


I still remember my first day at Outbrain. As part of the Bootcamp (training program), we were required to clone the code from a repository called the trunk (one monolithic repo that contained all our codebase). It took at least half a day to clone and build the whole source code. …

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Caching is extremely important! It provides fast response time, enabling effortless performance improvements in certain use cases.

At Outbrain, we have recently moved to Caffeine caching, after having used Guava in-memory caching for many years.


Caffeine library is a rewrite of Guava’s cache that uses a Guava-inspired API that returns CompletableFutures, allowing asynchronous automatic loading of entries into a cache. The library was written by Ben Manes who is the author of ConcurrentLinkedHashMap on which Guava cache is based.

Guava OUT

  1. Guava blocks during loading when a key is not present in the cache.
    We wanted to change the API…

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“Keep a developer learning and they’ll be happy working in a windowless basement eating stale food pushed through a slot in the door. And they’ll never ask for a raise.” — Rob Walling (

The past decade has produced substantial research verifying what may come as no surprise: developers want to have fun. While we also need our salaries, salaries alone will not incentivize us developers who, in most cases, entered a field to do what we love: engage in problem-solving. We like competition. We like winning. We like getting prizes for winning. To be productive, we need job satisfaction…

Production bugs are painful and can severely impact a dev team’s velocity. My team at Outbrain has succeeded in implementing a work process that enables us to send new features to production free of bugs, a process that incorporates automated functions with team discipline.

Why should I even care?

Bugs happen all the time — and they will be found locally or in production. …

Avi Youkhananov

I’m an application software engineer at Outbrain, with a passion for new technology.

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